After 49 Years, Coney Island’s AstroTower May Be Taken Down Tonight


Earlier today, we told you that parts of Coney Island’s Luna Park as well as a stretch of Surf Avenue were closed following reports that a decades-old ride, the AstroTower, was swaying and appeared unstable. But Coney Island blogger Tricia Vita at Amusing the Zillion called bullshit, saying the whole thing smelled like a plan to take down a beloved older ride that didn’t fit in with the newer, shinier counterparts that Luna Park’s parent company, Zamperla, has built around it.

Looks like Vita might have been right. New York 1 broke the news less than an hour ago that the AstroTower will be demolished tonight.

Unnamed “park owners” told the station that they were working with the city’s Parks Department to obtain the permits necessary for the demolition. There’s no information yet as to whether the city ordered the demolition of the ride, which has been unused since 2010.

Less than an hour ago, Luna Park wrote on its Facebook page that the Cyclone ride and the adjacent area would remain closed “while we continue to work with the city on the inspection of the Astrotower. We appreciate your patience and support.” They haven’t yet released an official statement on the supposed demolition plans. We’ve contacted them for comment, and will update as soon as we hear back.