Logic and Originality Are Absent From Horror Flick Absence


There are many things absent from this found-footage horror movie, including suspense, logic, and originality. The footage in question is being shot by Evan (Ryan Smale), a film major who’s traveling to a mountain vacation home with his sister, Liz (Erin Way), and her husband, Rick (Eric Matheny). Liz needs refuge from the police and media attention surrounding the weird disappearance of her unborn child. Seven months pregnant, she woke one morning to find that the child within her had simply vanished. First-time writer-director Jimmy Loweree and co-writer Jake Moreno open with an informational card advising that “Cesarean theft” accounts for 20 percent of infant kidnappings, but within the story itself, they never say whether Liz shows signs of having undergone a C-section. In the found-footage genre, plot specifics are anathema. On retreat, the trio is puzzled by a flickering, UFO-like light in the sky, which is as close to action as this painfully slow film gets. In the final 15 minutes, Evan and Rick wake to find that something strange has once again happened to Liz. Evan panics, the camera jerks confusedly, and although terrible events do finally take place before our eyes, it’s too little, too late.