More NYC Chefs on What to Eat on the Fourth


Yesterday, 10 New York City chefs weighed in on the gastronomic celebrations they have planned for the Fourth of July. Today, we hear from more; one divulges how to grill s’mores in Queens, another talks about fresh produce and rose on a boat, and still another goes for shrimp quesadillas.

Happy feasting, and happy Independence Day.

Executive Chef Joel Reiss, S PRIME
“I go camping with his family almost every July Fourth, cooking the fish I catch over an open flame. And this year, I’ll be grilling the venison I caught on my last hunting trip.”

Chef Dale Talde, Talde
“I always like to celebrate my days off with a good seafood raw bar. Oysters, lobsters, and clams are perfect during the 4th of July. I like to go to DBGB or Maison Premiere and enjoy the raw bar with a nice cocktail.”

Executive chef/partner Michael Ferraro, Delicatessen and Macbar
“I always go to my brother’s house in Long Beach. We go down to the beach and then cook for the rest of the day. He has the ultimate set-up with a balcony and a great kitchen, so he and I do all the cooking. My brother’s a big steak guy, so we usually do surf n’ turf with porterhouses on the grill, and stuffed lobsters (the lobsters are always from Jordan’s Lobster Farm!).”

Chef Eric Bromberg, Blue Ribbon Restaurants
“I will be celebrating the 4th with my wife, kids, Blue Ribbon family and friends at our lake house in Connecticut. We’ll be putting on a big outdoor barbecue with all the classic New England staples, from clams to lobsters, grilled whole fish, and BBQ roast meats over an open fire. I will also be throwing in a touch of New Orleans with a shrimp and crawfish boil. There will be some water skiing and swimming in the lake as well. ”

Executive pastry chef Michelle Catarata, Sorella
“I was born and raised in Fresh Meadows, Queens and have a pretty big family. 4th of July was the holiday that we were always able to be together because everybody was off. I’ve always had a second stomach for dessert, and my contribution to 4th of July was always s’mores. We were in Fresh Meadows, though, so no bonfire…just a BBQ. They would save me some room on the grill, and that’s where I would toast the marshmallows…next to the hotdogs, Queens style.”

Chef/owner Anita Lo, Annisa
“Every year, I celebrate the 4th with my neighbors across the street, Roger Sherman and Dorothy Kalins. Roger is a documentary film maker responsible for The Restaurateur: Danny Meyer, and Dorothy was the founding editor of Saveur magazine and an extraordinary cookbook writer. We cobble together a picnic (the food changes each year, but invariably includes ingredients from their garden) and eat on their boat while drinking French rose. Just to give you an idea, one year Dorothy made chicken en gelee with fresh herbs and teeny tiny baby vegetables-little carrots less than an inch long of various colors, baby zucchini of the same size with the flowers attached. This year, our local organic farmer and good friend Patty Gentry of Early Girl Farm and her girlfriend Jen Lasker are joining, so perhaps we’ll see some of her stellar produce as well. Then we motor to the other side of the bay to watch the fireworks. On the way back, you can see firework displays all around, lighting up the shoreline on both the Hamptons and Fire Island side, and the Long Island land side. It’s one of the most magical experiences.”

Chef David Standridge, Market Table
“If I’m not at Market Table, I’ll be grilling lobsters on my boat ‘Sea bean’ in Hempstead Harbor. There will be great fireworks above my head and a view of several shows on the other side of the Long Island sound.”

Chef Richard Kuo, Pearl & Ash
“I pretty much spend every 4th of July drinking cheap beer like Bud and PBR on rooftops with friends and having BBQs. I imagine this year would be more or less the same, except that I will at Pearl & Ash working until the early evening, then I will be retiring myself to a rooftop event somewhere.”

Chef/owner Joey Campanaro, The Little Owl
“I’ll be cooking The Little Owl burger on the lawn in Philadelphia adjacent to my brother’s restaurant Village Belle–it’s the best spot to see the fireworks in the whole city.”

Pitmaster Matt Fisher, Fletcher’s Brooklyn Barbecue
“My favorite food to make on Fourth of July are sausage and peppers with a side of grilled corn on the cob. For dessert, S’Mores.”

Executive Chef Patricia Williams, Smoke Jazz and Supper-Club Lounge
“I like to grill a very large, thick steak.” Her ideal cook-out would also include Rose, shrimp quesadillas, and a salad of heirloom tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and grilled zucchini. “Preferably, this party would be on a sailboat.”