These Two Horrible Men Harassed People on the F Train During Gay Pride


If you are going to be a violent, homophobic asshole, look around the room for cameras before you attack. Come on, that’s like, rule No. 1 in How to Be a Violent, Homophobic Asshole.

Late Tuesday a video surfaced on YouTube of two men harrassing–at one point physically–Pride weekend revelers on a Queens-bound F train (can’t confirm it was Queens-bound, but from the looks of the LED prompter it is definitely the F train).

It’s unclear what started the altercation, but the video opens with an older man in a New York Giants polo shouting, “You fuck with me, and you’re going to get more than fucked in the ass.”

See the video for yourself below.

A woman is recording the confrontation, when all of a sudden Giant Ass-Fucker notices he’s on candid camera. The video cuts out briefly, at which point some title cards explain that the man chased the woman recording him across the car trying to snatch her phone.

The video picks up again with the woman recording and bystanders encircling her to protect her from the man and his friend.

Here’s where it gets really ugly. The people Ass-Fucker was picking on get in his face, with one woman in a rainbow flag exclaiming, “She’s videotaping you because. like …”

Ass-Fucker interjects: “For what, for being normal?”

Rainbow Flag: “Normal? What’s normal?”

This continues for 30 seconds before Ass-Fucker’s friend puts his hand around Rainbow Flag’s neck.

Rainbow Flag flails at him, shouting, “Shut me the fuck up! Shut me up!” The man pulls back his hand.

As of now the identities of the assailants are unknown, as are those of the recorder and the victims.

For the rest of the video, see below. And if you want a real test of your faith in humanity, get a load of the comments on the video.

Because the video cuts out at various points to narrate the events, the Voice will try to track down a longer version today.

Someone assaulting another New Yorker is always a shame, but it’s especially cutting to see when tolerance is supposed to be the order of the day. Sigh.

(h/t: Reddit)