Important Life Advice from Tyler, the Creator


Many celebrities take to the streets of Twitter on a daily basis to bless the world with their unfiltered opinions, ideas, and Instagram photos. But none handle the task of advising the masses quite as eloquently and effectively as Odd Future’s Tyler, the Creator. Check out the life lessons he has rolled out to his 1.8 million Twitter followers over the past month.

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Jobs and success won’t make you money–new friends will. If Tyler is right, Drake is in trouble.

The best way to release stress is to pound it out on the keyboard.

Tweets to oneself are more effective than sticky-notes to oneself.

Everyone should be aware and vigilant against gun violence.

At times, silence is golden.

Now that Miley Cyrus does it, it’s time for us all to stop.

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An occupied mind is always preferable to an idle one, regardless of the cost.

Europe is wild.

Sometimes being a hipster about things has it’s economic value.

Human emotions are as delicate as the tiniest flower.

Material goods have the potential to fill the largest of emotional holes.

Everyone else is in on it with the NSA.

Education is the key to success.

Australia is a country of hypocrisy and hate crimes.

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