Eliot Spitzer Wants a New Job, Forgiveness, and for Everyone to Stop Comparing Him to Anthony Weiner


A few years after all that unpleasantness with the prostitutes, Eliot Spitzer would very much like to be your comptroller. In a Sunday night interview with the New York Times, the former attorney general and governor announced he would be running for the office, which, by the way, is the chief fiscal and auditing officer in the city. He added that he’s also “hopeful” there will be “forgiveness” from the voters, which does indeed seem crucial to his success here.

First things first, though: a round of hasty interviews, in which Spitzer explained his late entry in the race, and whether he’ll address the inevitable comparisons to Anthony Weiner.

Let’s answer that second one right away: in an interview with DNAInfo, Spitzer said of the Weiner comparisons, “I’m not sure it’s an issue I will address.”

Right. Of course not. As for his breakneck entry into the race, Spitzer acknowledged to DNAInfo that he’d been thinking about running “only about 48 hours” before he actually did so.

Probably the weirdest aspect to this particular race, as Politico notes, is the fact that Spitzer will apparently be running against Kristin Davis, the former madam, who he’s previously worked with before in a somewhat different context. Davis, who also previously ran for governor, is on the Libertarian ticket. On Twitter, she called Spitzer throwing his hat in the ring “just a gift” for her campaign.

It’s not such a gift for Scott Stringer, Manhattan borough president and, currently the most overshadowed comptroller candidate you’ve ever seen. Yesterday, he was the unopposed Democratic frontrunner. His campaign’s been busy all night retweeting endorsements and reminding the easily distracted news media and voters of his “proven record of results and integrity.”

As the Times notes, Spitzer now needs 3,750 signatures by Thursday to make it onto the ballot, meaning you may see him looking hopeful on some street corners in the coming days. His first appearance is at noon today, signature-gathering in Union Square. Should be a circus.