Reader: The Best Restaurant Near the Train Stations Is Keens Steakhouse


In last week’s Village Voice, Zachary Feldman detailed the culinary options around each of New York City’s main train stations, and whether you’re a daily commuter out of Penn or planning a trip out of Grand Central, it’s worth checking out his picks for where to eat when you’re waiting to travel by rail.

Feldman limited his synopsis to just five spots near each hub, and a reader offered up a piece of supplementary advice.

Says abelalan2000:

Having been a commuter to both GCS and Penn from CT over the years, I found the very best restaurant between stations; i.e. Keen’s Chop House on W. 36th St. Their food is better than mom ever made and prices are modest if you eat in their grill. For example, roast beef hash. Yum yum. The food is great and the service excellent. Also, over 30 yrs. dining there the quality has remained high class and consistent.

Have another favorite spot near either Penn or Grand Central? We’d love to hear about it.