WIN TICKETS to See NAS at Citi Field!


This summer has been a weird season for rap. Kanye fell short of ascending to heaven withYeezus. Jay-Z’s attempt to transcribe the Illuminati Handbook ended up being a Magna Carta Holy Fail (YUK YUK). J. Cole ranted on Twitter about no one paying attention to him because not Ye or Jay. But luckily for us, there is one dependable, steadfast rapper out there, and he’ll be performing after a game during MLB All Star Week at Citi Field on July 19th: Nas! Very few artists are capable of matching the lyrical tenacity and overall heft of Queensbridge’s own. And we’ve got tickets to his Citi Field post-game show. You want them?

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All you have to do to win free tickets to see Nas at CitiField on July 19th is…

1) Follow @soundofthecity on Twitter. (But you should be doing that already.)

2) Tweet “I don’t want to disappoint Nas” at us. Every day or hour or minute, if you like. The more times you tweet us, the higher the probability you have of winning the tickets.

3) Aaaand that’s it! We’ll notify the winners via DM on Monday of next week. Contest ends Friday at 5 p.m. Be safe out there–and don’t disappoint.

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