Hybird and Questlove Bring the House Down; Here Are Photos


When David Chang defeated Questlove in a battle of fried chicken supremacy, The Roots drummer and budding gourmand took his second place finish in stride. While the competition reinforced Chang’s excellence as a chef, it also put the fried chicken world on notice that the musician/DJ/The Hoodie Shop owner had time to focus on drumsticks of the non-musical variety.

The result? A collaboration with Stephen Starr called Hybird, which opened in Chelsea Market in May to the restaurant equivalent of a standing ovation. To celebrate, the chicken-and-dumpling spot hosted an afternoon featuring its co-owner on the turntables paired with a menu of cheap eats. Here’s a look at Tuesday’s event for those who missed the live performance.

Thanks to the $2 per item deal and the chance to see a late-night musical legend, tourists and locals alike had a hard time passing the scene by during Chelsea Market’s early lunch hour, resulting in a massive turnout. And over remixes of songs like Bob Marley’s “I Shot The Sheriff”, lunchers relaxed into the scene, stretching their precious moments away from the office as long as possible for the one-day-only offering. We know the DJ has a pretty busy schedule, but judging by the reaction to Tuesday’s event, he might want to make this joint food-and-music venture a regular occurrence.