Megabus Driver Wedges the Bus Under an Overpass


Spatial reasoning seems like a basic requirement for a bus driver, right? Maybe that’s asking too much, seeing as how yesterday morning a Megabus driver got on the wrong ramp at the Lincoln Tunnel and wedged a bus full of passengers into an overpass.

This is the second time in three years that a Megabus has crashed into an overpass. Back in 2010 four people were killed in the collision. This time around the crash was milder: Only two people were sent to the hospital with minor injuries.

When we reached out to Megabus for comment, we got a cookie-cutter PR firm response. It did, however, indicate that the company is launching an internal investigation, confirming that the driver responsible has been placed “out-of-service.” Reading through the tweets of the bus’ passengers, it appears that they all got a full refund. Good on you, Megabus.

The driver has received a summons for the incident, probably on the charge of “Playing Tetris with a Bus, Lol.”

The twitterverse exploded in a cloud of snark following the incident, from bystanders and passengers. Some of our favorites are below.