Migos on the “Life-Altering Shit” That is Working With Drake


As their Drake-assisted remix of “Versace” continues to clock views on YouTube, Atlanta trio (currently a duo since Offset is incarcerated at the moment) Migos is in New York City to perform tonight at Westway. As they wrapped up a photo shoot at Rocksmith Quavo and Takeoff took a few seconds to answer our questions about their newfound fame, working with Drake and exactly what “Migos” means to them.

Migos perform at Westway tonight at 10pm

So what is a “migo”?
Quavo: To me it just means family, unity, loyalty and respect. That’s how the three of us are.

Where is the third member?
Takeoff: Free Offset, man. He locked up right now but he’s gonna be home real soon.

Isn’t it funny we’re at Rocksmith but your song is about Versace?
Quavo: We wear a lot of different brands.
Takeoff: We fuck with Trues, Polo, and a couple street wear brands… As long as it’s a look we’re going for we’ll fuck with it.

You guys seem fresh out of high school. I heard one of you guys was a high school football star.
Quavo: Yeah, I was the starting quarterback for my high school team. I was good. I liked sports I just like this lifestyle better so I dropped out eventually

You get to smoke weed and take pictures as opposed to getting sacked. Can’t fault you for that. So, Takeoff, you put Quavo on to rapping?
Takeoff: No we was both always rapping. I just was in the house doing music while he was off at school. But we both dropped out.

What was it like finding out Drake was so well versed in your music?
Quavo: Ah, man. Just the fact that he knew our shit and who we were…
Takeoff: He’s like one of the biggest [artists] out here and he knew our mixtape. We asked him to get on a song with us and he pretty much picked “Versace.”

That’s life-altering shit. The shout out that Trinidad James gave you was pretty cool too.
Takeoff: Yeah, he killed that verse on that “Work.”

Speaking of James, you guys seem to have similar aesthetics as him with the jewelry and rap content. Most rappers wear chains and gold, but you guys go hard with that. Is that an ATL rapper thing?
Quavo: I don’t know if it’s a rapper thing because we’ve been shining like this since before we were doing music. None of this is really new to us. It’s a habit at this point for us to do the jewelry like this.

That’s an expensive habit though.
Takeoff: As long as we keep the money coming in we good. We can maintain it. But all this is nothing. It’s just regular to us.

So it’s kind of crazy how ATL has had a resurgence of late with the new up and comers.
Quavo: Yeah. We love it though. We woke up one day and we looked around and it was like Atlanta had some new fresh faces making some noise around town. Then it started spreading around the nation.
Takeoff: Now a lot of people are watching Atlanta and the moves we making out there.

Who are some of the older heads that inspired you?
Quavo: Definitely OutKast. Cash Money also. All the people who started young, but still have longevity in this game. All southern rappers really.

Anyone up top you’re fucking with?
Takeoff: Right now I like French a lot. I like Wale. Meek Mill is dope.

So what’s next?
Takeoff: A whole lot of visuals. There’s a video for the remix. Then we gonna probably work on our next project. Then we got a documentary called “Bando,” which is about us and how we came up. So look for that.

I know you just put out the mixtape, but are you working on new music?
Quavo: Oh yeah. We got Volume 2 done already. We got a lot of songs but lately a lot of producers been hitting us to work with them.

Zaytoven has made most of your beats thus far, but are you looking to branch out on the next tape?
Takeoff: Well like I said we’ve been getting calls and beats from a lot of people. Young Chop, Mike Will Made It… We just did two songs with Mike Will so I guess those will be released whenever he wants to put them out.
Quavo: And this is just the beginning.

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