Naked Body Painter Andy Golub to Make Triumphant Naked-Body-Painting Return to Times Square Today


Andy Golub isn’t just a painter–he’s a provocateur. He likes danger. He might even thrive off it. That’s why, as DNA Info reports, the body painter plans to paint some naked bodies in Time Square this afternoon almost two years after he was arrested for the same thing. Don’t worry, though, this time it’s totally cool with the city.

The last time he was arrested (on charges of public lewdness in July 2011), Golub struck a deal with the judge–he could paint nearly naked bodies in broad daylight, but if the models were going to get go wild and take off their thongs they would have to wait until after sunset. According to Golub, he and the city have since reached an understanding that will allow him to work with fully nude models during daylight hours.

Why return to Times Square? Golub doesn’t say in his interview with DNA Info (but, c’mon: attention); he does make it clear he really digs painting naked bodies in public, in case there was any doubt.

“I’m not just painting the body,” Golub explained, “I’m also relating to the person and feeling their energy and vibe and feeding off of that. The art in many ways becomes interactive and collaborative, and doing it in public means we don’t just share that process, but include the public.”

Golub will be setting up his makeshift studio at 46th Street and Broadway in the heart of Times Square at noon today. The spectacle is expected to last two to three hours, as long as the killjoys from the NYPD don’t show up and ruin everyone’s fun again.

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Hopefully, the police have learned it isn’t worth the trouble to hassel Golub. Not only did the charges against the artist fail to stick the last time he was arrested, things really backfired a month later when officers arrested one of Golub’s models, Zoe West. West sued the city–turns out nudity is legal in New York if it’s for a “a performance, exhibition, or show”–and ultimately won a settlement worth $15,000.

Still confused about how that all went down? Maybe this CGI recreation of the events narrated in Mandarin can help clear it up:

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