The last time Celebrate Brooklyn! programmed a screening of Tod Browning’s minimalist 1931 talkie Dracula, with the Kronos Quartet performing Philip Glass’s 1998 provided score in person, a torrential thunderstorm drove the audience out of Prospect Park after only 15 minutes. Seven years later, the Philip Glass Ensemble, with the composer on keyboards, will take another stab at Bela Lugosi’s surprisingly low-key man in black. Where Browning’s original score contains only pieces of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake and Wagner’s Die Meistersinger, Glass has filled in another hour’s worth of music with trademarked three-note arpeggios and repeated motifs, which should at the very least limit outdoor audiences from talking during Browning’s iconic journey through Transylvanian tropes. Violinist-singer Kishi Bashi revs things up with his one-man collection of loops and beats.

Sat., July 13, 7:30 p.m., 2013