New York City Responded to the Zimmerman Verdict With Protests All Over the City


On Saturday night, delusional wannabe cop and homicidal maniac George Zimmerman was found not guilty by a Seminole County, Florida, jury. Yesterday, New York joined Oakland, Seattle, L.A., Boston, and a host of other cities in protesting the verdict. The march began in Union Square in the early afternoon; by early evening, thousands of people were streaming north into Times Square, where they staged a sit-in, effectively shutting down the area. Nearby, a tourist from South Carolina, clearly recognizing the historic nature of the occasion, remarked to a New York Post reporter: “This is bullshit. We just came down here to visit, and we got stuck right in the middle. And it’s hot! I can’t keep the car running.”

The march continued north for hours, with a large group of protesters reaching as far as 135th and Frederick Douglass Boulevard, and a hardy 50 or so eventually crossing into the Bronx. The NYPD kept pace too, reportedly arresting at least 20 people by the end of the night. Several protesters on Twitter reported that the police were using pepper spray against them; this picture reportedly shows a young woman wiping her eyes after she was sprayed.

Brooklyn, too, hosted several protests, with the largest outside Borough Hall just after 5 p.m. That was organized by Beyoncé sister and apparent badass Solange Knowles; here’s a brief clip of her speaking at the rally.

Meanwhile, the New York Times editorial board protested, too, in its own Gray Lady-ish way. Their Sunday editorial recommends reforming Stand Your Ground laws like the one Zimmerman hid behind, pointing out that when they intersect with concealed carry statutes, they “essentially … self-deputize anyone with a Kel-Tec 9 millimeter and a grudge.” That does sound terrifying, now that you mention it.