Pick Up a Get Real Craft Beer Passport, Drink 39 Pints for $30


We’re right in the thick of July Good Beer Month, and whether you’re a craft beer amateur or aficionado–or a total novice who just likes drinking cheaply–you might consider this sweet deal to carry you through the rest of the (very hot) summer: Buy a Get Real Craft Beer Passport for $30 and you’ll be entitled to a free pint at each of 39 different establishments throughout the boroughs.

The passport went on sale in June, and it’s good from now until Labor Day weekend–you just have purchase it online and then to pick it up at a designated location (Idle Hands in Manhattan, Alewife in Queens, or Pacific Standard in Brooklyn) by July 31. When you do stop by, you’ll be able to immediately knock off one of your included pints.

Participating venues include heavy-hitters like Jimmy’s No. 43, the Pony Bar, Top Hops, Alphabet City Beer Company, and Mission Dolores; the 39 participating spots are scattered throughout the five boroughs, which means you’ll have a good reason to plan a beer crawl in a different ‘hood. And think of it this way–you just have hit five or six of these places before early September to pay for the ticket.

Added bonus: Many of these spots regularly pour beers from our 10 best breweries in NYC, so you’ll have a good excuse to drink your way through the list.