The Latest Polls Suggest We May Have a Quinn/Weiner Runoff on Our Hands


One of these days the Democrats’ mayoral primary will be behind us, and we can return to a world where the various uses and locations of candidates’ sex organs don’t drive citywide political debate. Until then, the agony and the ecstasy of the 2013 mayoral race (mostly agony) continues. The latest Quinnipiac poll shows that Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer are holding on to to their frontrunner statuses, more likely due to notoriety than their positions on the issues.

Weiner owes his bump in the polls to black voters, 31 percent of whom favor him for mayor, compared to Christine Quinn’s 16 percent and Bill Thompson’s 14 percent. Weiner also leads among men.

Quinn is still maintaining a tidy 39 percent favorability rating, but she still lags behind Weiner’s 42.

This poll is among the first to register New Yorkers’ indifference to sexual misconduct, finding that all demographics–men and women, black and Hispanic–think financial impropriety is worse. To the extent that the campaign has been “headline-driven,” as the report suggests, the swirl of innuendo and gross personal attacks may not actually be dampening Spitzer’s or Weiner’s chances.

All of this is to say: We all expected buildings to be knocked off their foundations by the force of monocles hitting the bottom of mugs of warm milk, but that clearly has not happened. From the looks of the data, it probably never will.