Cafe Kashkar’s Uyghur Food With Uzbek Flavors in Today’s Village Voice


“Peek through a little archway inside Cafe Kashkar in Brighton Beach, right above a glass display case filled with casserole dishes containing pickled salads and marinating meats, and you might see embers exploding off the coal-fired grill as seasoned kebabs of lamb and chicken are charred around the edges until juicy,” writes James A. Foley in this week’s Village Voice.

Via this eatery, the oldest–but no longer the only–Uyghur restaurant in NYC, he takes us on a journey through the Muslim Turkic cuisine, “a culinary mélange of Chinese, Kazakh, Russian, Uzbek, and Turkish cooking.”

Explore the lamb and lagman noodles with him, and learn about where you can find Big Plate Chicken in this city, a popular (in China, at least) Uyghur specialty not on the menu in Brighton Beach.

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