Grizz from 30 Rock Carries Around Mark Malkoff as a Giant Man Baby [VIDEO]


We’ve all thought it: “I wish I had it as good as all those sleeping babies in strollers.” Comedian Mark Malkoff decided to see how good it really is. The 5-foot-7 Malkoff got 7-foot-tall 30 Rock alum Grizz Chapman to carry him around the city in a baby holster. The video of their escapades was posted to comedy website yesterday. Let the confused giggling commence.

The first instinct might be to expect a commentary on the seeming explosion of babies across the city, their round little faces ever watchful from their Maclaren strollers. Or maybe a take on the ostentation of the tatted hipster-cum-yuppie dads toting around toddlers in mini-skinny jeans.

No such critique here, and that’s alright. The video is contrived around the goofiness of a very big black man lugging a kind of tiny white guy, basically an endurance workout for Grizz punctuated with calls to accountants and a stroll through the park with Malkoff’s wife.

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Malkoff, known for his off-the-wall, vaguely pedagogical stunts, told the Voice that passersby “were stunned. Others took out their phones and started filming.” Some others observers seem to be laughing. Most just gawk in confusion–where the humor really is.

Check out the scene–and Grizz’s good sportsmanship–in the video below.