Stone Street Tavern Pops Up at the Elevated Acre Everyday for the Rest of the Summer


FiDi’s Elevated Acre is representative of this city’s commitment to rethinking outdoor urban common areas to add fantastic green space in unlikely locations. The park covers an acre-sized deck at 55 Water Street, offering views of the East River and lower Manhattan.

Work in the area? Here’s an additional reason to stop by on your lunch hour: Stone Street Tavern is popping up from 11:30 a.m. until 2 p.m. daily, offering an abbreviated quick-bite menu.

“The tenants of 55 Water Street have just started to return to the building, which was badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy,” explains a rep for the restaurant. “The building’s management is partnering with Stone Street Tavern on this pop-up since their in-house restaurant hasn’t been restored since the storm.”

You’ll find mac and cheese, an arugula cobb salad, veggie gazpacho, and lobster rolls for sale, all items you can snatch and eat while you enjoy a few moments above and away from the frenzy of financial activity around you.

The pop-up runs until Labor Day weekend.