WIN TICKETS to Peter Rosenberg’s Birthday Bash feat. Odd Future, Meek Mill & Schoolboy Q


Way waaaaaay back in the day, when Odd Future were on the come up and only had 15K views on their respective YouTube videos Hot 97 DJ Peter Rosenberg was playing them on his Sunday night show. Over the years they’ve developed a relationship. He was there on the ground floor before their career exploded. And so, naturally, now that Rosenberg is turning 65* it only makes sense he’d have his buddies play his birthday party. It happens Saturday. Schoolboy Q and Meek Mill will be there too***. It’s going to great. There will be cake**. And we have tickets.

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Here’s all you gotta do to get them

1) Follow us on Twitter@soundofthecity on Twitter. (You should be doing that already.)

2) Tweet us the answer to this crucial question: How long has Peter Rosenberg been with Hot 97?

3) Aaaand that’s it! We’ll notify the winners via DM later today. Contest ends at 3 p.m., so get your birthday suit ready.

*Not sure this is accurate

**Or this

***And Worlds Fair + Funkmaster Flex!

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