New Visualizations of the Geography of Twitter Use in New York City


If you ever wanted to know the places in New York City with the largest number of people standing on street corners, eyes glazed over, tapping out 140 characters about last night’s Game of Thrones, look no further. Twitter data scientist Nicolas Garcia Belmonte has developed topographical maps of Twitter use in the city using geolocated tweets. Manhattan blows every other borough out of the water, with midtown demonstrating the highest loads in the aggregate. A little hard on the eyes, but reminds us of what is true enough: You can find a lot of New York on Twitter.

See some renderings after the jump.

The images were made using a visualization technology called Andes. It’s available for free on the Twitter blog as an interactive tool. So far it catalogs San Francisco, New York, and Istanbul.

(h/t: Wired)