Hot? Call Up an Uber Ice Cream Truck


This weather, frankly, sucks. And while we hear the heat might break sometime soon (at least marginally), we’re crawling out of our skins, sitting quietly and scantily clad in cool, dark places and arranging our limbs so that none of them touch.

So we’re tempted to take advantage of the Uber announcement that just dropped in our mailbox and call up an ice cream truck to deliver frozen treats on demand.

Seriously. From 11 a.m. until 5 p.m., if you download the Uber app and request the ice cream option, an available truck will make its way to you with six frozen treats plus some Uber swag for $30. The car service is providing this opportunity today only, and it’s available only if you manage to catch one of the vehicles when it’s free.

If you fail to secure it, you could always call up a car and ask them to drive you around the city while you cool down in the AC.