L Train Riders: This Tool Explains Why the Station Is So God Damn Hot


As we head into the another 95+ degree day in the city, let us keep the poor souls who depend on the L train in our hearts. The train’s stops are notorious for the insane temperatures inside the station. Seriously, it’s like waiting for a train at the mouth of Hell. If you’ve ever been curious about just how hot it gets, or have some schadenfreude to get out of your system, the website L Degrees displays the daily highs at each of the train’s platforms.

The website made the rounds last summer during a similar long stretch of sweltering days.

So why is it so hot down there? The website claims that “this is due to [a] ‘heat sink’ when heat from buildings and the sidewalk transfer heat outward.” Um, not sure that makes sense, but wherever the heat is coming from, it just stays there.

Every stop on the line was hotter than 102 degrees on Thursday. The 14th Street station hit 112 degrees. On the bright side, the L train could double as a sauna–maybe you could sweat out some toxins? Yeah, no.

Unfortunately, knowing the temperature and bearing the heat are two different things. L train commuters, sorry. The heat wave is expected to break on Sunday, so stay hydrated until then.