Five Spots to Celebrate the Royal Baby


We’d like to pretend we’re too cool to care about the new member of Britain’s royal family, but did we click on the news alert that announced the Duchess of Cambridge had popped out a baby boy? Yes, yes we did, and we’ll keep one eye on news on this subject, too, until the tiny prince has a name.

If you’re inclined to take it one step further and go out and celebrate the little tyke, here are five spots in the city that are appropriately festive.

Tea & Sympathy, 108 Greenwich Avenue
We can think of few better ways to commemorate the birth of a British baby than by tucking into afternoon tea, and this West Village spot is an ideal spot to do so. The team here is indulging name speculation with a contest, too: Guess the correct moniker before the official announcement, and you might win dinner for two. Enter via Facebook or Twitter.

Jones Wood Foundry, 401 East 76th Street
This Upper East Side spot serves food that’s a good argument against those who claim British food is boring, which makes it a worthy destination even when the monarchy isn’t in the news. For this occasion, it’s rolled out a handful of specials, including an HRH (His Royal Highness) cocktail made with Champagne and Lillet, and a Coronation Chicken Sandwich plus a pot of tea.

Myers of Keswick, 634 Hudson Street
Speculation over the royal baby’s sex was fierce at Myers of Keswick. That competition is over, but this market is still a good spot to stop through and chat about the latest developments in this riveting story–and you can pick up a savory pie or black pudding to boot.

Cock & Bull, 23 West 45th Street
Perhaps you’d rather raise a pint to the new babe, and there are plenty of British (or vaguely British) pubs in this town where you can. We’re calling out Cock and Bull because they’re offering a number of royal family-themed drinks for the occasion–and it sent out its town crier to announce the baby boy to New York.

A Salt and Battery, 112 Greenwich Avenue
Or maybe you’d like to quietly acknowledge the little guy but, you know, not make a big deal out of it or anything. In that case, pick up some of the best fish and chips in town and wash it down with a cider at this no-frills West Village spot. Though since this place is actually owned by the good people behind Tea & Sympathy, there could be a little overflow effervescence behind the counter.