The Changes to the G Train Are Actually Going to Happen!!


Remember when the MTA admitted that the G train needed a serious tuning up, but then slapped a price tag of $700,000 on the needed fixes? We thought that a better G train commute would forever lay just out of reach, but we were wrong! The MTA found an extra $18 million lying around, so the G, and so many other transit lines put out of service due to lack of funds, will finally be less of a pain in the ass.

Crain’s New York reports that the MTA will be putting some of the $18 million surplus to use to ramping up G train service during rush hour. From 3 to 9 p.m., trains will run every eight minutes instead of the usual 10.

MTA Chairman and CEO Thomas Prendergast announced at a press conference on Monday that the good news is actually the result of a lot of bad news over the last four years, as the city tightened its belt during the economic downturn.

The enhancements mean the MTA is listening to its customers and we are trying to be responsive. But that wouldn’t be possible without the aggressive cost-cutting that we’ve continually done since 2009, coupled with an evaluation of where the most efficient services are being provided and how they could be done better, and taking into consideration additional revenues when they come in.

Some services you can expect to see back, according to the governor’s website:

M trains will operate from Queens to Delancey Street-Essex Street in Manhattan on weekends, instead of terminating at Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn as they do now. This will reduce transfers and shorten waits for 37,000 weekend customers.

Service will be restored on the B37 bus in southwest Brooklyn, as well as B70 bus service on Seventh Avenue and B8 bus service to the Bay Ridge-95 St subway station.

Weekend service will be restored on the M8 bus across lower Manhattan and the Q31 bus through eastern Queens.