As Everyone in the Universe Calls on Weiner to Leave Mayoral Race, His Sexting Buddy Gets an Agent


Blech. Ugh. Blorgh. Hork. Sorry. Just had to fight down a little vomit and some journalistic pride in order to write this post. Where were we? Ah, yes. Weinergate: The Return. A whole slew of polls in the last 48 hours show that Weiner’s slim lead over City Council Speaker Christine Quinn in the mayoral race has evaporated. Where last month he led the pack of Democratic candidates with support from 25 percent of registered voters, yesterday he hovered around 16 percent. Keen political observers suspect Weiner’s campaign may be faltering due to his affinity for amateur freelance crotch portraiture.

And in the midst of our collective Wein-Deja Vu, Buzzfeed reports that his latest sexting partner, 23-year-old Indiana woman Sydney Leathers, has gotten herself an agent. Her still-locked Twitter feed refers interested parties to PR firm GR Media for bookings, an august agency that represents great thinkers like Lindsay Lohan’s mom, Dina, a bunch of identically blonde ladies from reality shows, and, of course, Tan Mom. They also represent Nik Richie of The Dirty, the site which broke the new scandal and which currently features eyeball-exploding pictures of Anthony Weiner’s shortcomings.

A source tells Buzzfeed that Leathers and the other GR talent would like to “preferably be compensated” for their interviews. Leathers was certainly paid by Inside Edition for their much-trumpeted exclusive interview, airing tonight. A spokesperson for the show told the Post that Leathers wasn’t paid, per se; the show merely “licensed photos and other materials” from her, which, conveniently, involves paying her.

While Leathers is doing her best to cash in on 15 minutes of getting her name and image dragged through the mud, all of Anthony Weiner’s opponents would very much like him to leave the race. Bill de Blasio created a petition calling for “an end to this sideshow.” Actually, he did that July 16. In the past 24 hours, he’s gone back to tweeting about the imminent closure of two Brooklyn hospitals, LICH and Interfaith Medical Center. Bill Thompson is talking about schools and job creation, and Christine Quinn is focused on a whole bunch of things that aren’t her opponent’s sad, exposed member.

And in an editorial published this morning, the Daily News joined the Times in calling for Weiner to leave the race, writing, “His image is so hypersexualized that routine physical actions now become visual double entendres when photographed. At a soup kitchen Wednesday, Weiner held a carrot–and thereby triggered farcical tittering.”

When you can’t even hold a vegetable in public without the world laughing at you, it might be time to go. But if Weinergate Redux has taught us all one thing, it’s that you just can’t shame the shameless.