Shopsin’s Breakfast Nachos, One of Our 100 Favorite Dishes


No. 64: Breakfast nachos from Shopsin’s

If you’re standing in line for Shopsin’s, you, presumably, know what you’re getting yourself into. You’re prepared to follow the rules (you have less than four people in your party, you must order one entree per person, no one is allowed substitutions, and no two people in your party can order alike). You’re prepared to deal with a waitstaff that can be surly if you fail to follow those rules. And you’re prepared to take in the massive menu, printed on one page in tiny print and myriad colors, as fast as you can and order something–anything–as soon as you’re asked what you want. In anticipation of that moment, allow us to direct you to the breakfast nachos, an item you might overlook in favor of the much more famous mac-and-cheese pancakes or blisters on my sisters. We like those things. We like the nachos more. Crisp, thick-ish tortilla triangles are layered with black beans, fluffy scrambled eggs, slices of fresh jalapeño, and white cheddar, which bakes, along with the rest of the platter, until it bubbles, browns, and stretches. It’s a simple concept, but try as we might, we can’t recreate it–and trust us, we’ve tried. And by the way, if you ask for a heat level of 10 on a server’s scale of one to 10, you’re getting ghost chile powder sprinkled atop the dish. So beware.

No. 100: Taqueria Lower East Side’s carnitas
No. 99: Tartine’s steamed mussels
No. 98: Malu’s Cookie Monster ice cream
No. 97: Coppelia’s Havana salad
No. 96: Falansai’s clay pot catfish
No. 95: Uncle Boons’ Khao Soi Kaa Kai
No. 94: ABC Cocina’s salted caramel “impossible” flan
No. 93: Shu Jiao Fu Zhou Cuisine’s peanut noodles
No. 92: Distilled’s country-fried duck and waffles
No. 91: Calliope’s octopus salad
No. 90: Charlie Bird’s diver scallop crudo
No. 89: Silver Moon Bakery’s fig and pepper bread
No. 88: Stage Restaurant’s egg, cheese, and sausage on a roll
No. 87: Manzanilla’s Marbella’s Full Moon
No. 86: Bia’s Cary Ga
No. 85: La Newyorkina’s pineapple jalapeño paleta
No. 84: Empellón Taqueria’s skirt steak tacos
No. 83: Sugar Sweet Sunshine’s pistachio cupcake
No. 82: El Chivito d’Oro’s skirt steak
No. 81: Saro Bistro’s satarash
No. 80: Oda House’s adjaruli khatchapuri
No. 79: Hill Country Chicken’s pie milkshake
No. 78: Fletcher’s Brooklyn Barbecue’s chili mac
No. 77: The Musket Room’s steak and cheese pie
No. 76: Battery Harris’ Baked Patties
No. 75: Legend’s Dan Dan Noodles
No. 74: Pure Thai’s Nakorn-Patom duck noodles soup
No. 73: Melt Bakery’s Morticia
No. 72: Calexico’s Baja Fish Taco
No. 71: Sushi Dojo’s Omakase
No. 70: Bear’s smoked whitefish
No. 69: Locanda Verde’s corn ravioli
No. 68: Ghenet’s Ghenet Combination
No. 67: Ample Hills Creamery’s ice cream
No. 66: Burger & Barrel’s Burger
No. 65: Radegast’s Munich pretzel