The World’s Oldest Living Man Lives in New York State, Loves Caffeine Pills


After the death of Japanese man Jiroemon Kimura at 116 years old last month, the hunt began for the world’s new oldest man. Guinness World Records announced today the search is over. Salustiano Sanchez-Blazquez of Grand Island, New York, is the new bearer of the title, at 112 years old.

Born in the Salamanca region in Spain in 1901, Sanchez-Blazquez immigrated to the U.S. in 1920 via Ellis Island.

He’s lived in Grand Island, near Niagara Falls, ever since, with the exception of a stint as a coal miner in Kentucky in the 1920s.

Sanchez-Blazquez, who reportedly goes by Shorty, chalks up his longevity to a banana and six Anacin tablets a day, according to the Daily Mail.

Some light Googling revealed that Anacin is a caffeine pill. Take a look at the photo of Shorty above. Does he look like he’s tweaking?