Put On Your Helmet, Citi Bike Riders. There’s a New Helmet-Sharing System for You.


Citi Bikes are like any other bicycle: There’s no special technology on them that might prevent riders from kissing pavement from time to time. Which is why bike rental service Bike and Roll NYC’s new helmet share system seems so overdue. Smart and safe, a rarer combination than you might think.

Last Thursday, Bike and Roll NYC began its new helmet share system, complete with a tracking and docking system to complement the commuter-oriented Citi Bike program, though the program is not limited to Citi Bike riders.

“Citi Bike is about the A to B commute,” says Bike and Roll NYC President Chris Wogas. “So we set it up so that commuters can include short rides on the same ticket.”

Because the program is so new, no numbers are in yet about how popular it’s been, but Wogas anticipates that the numbers will be positive.

When asked about why Bike and Roll was embracing the Citi Bike system when so many other rental services have lamented its success, Wogas’s answer is simple: Citi Bike gets more people biking, and that’s always good for business.

“We haven’t seen any negative impact at all,” says Wogas of summer rental figures since Citi Bike started.