The City Is Suing a Midtown Perfume Store for Selling Knockoff Justin Bieber Fragrances


Justin Bieber’s perfume business, as sickly popular as his music, has attracted its own bootleggers. Last week the city filed suit against a Midtown perfumerie over the sale of knockoff Justin Bieber scents, after nearly a 10-month-long involvement by the NYPD. Poor, sad Justin Bieber. Will he ever learn to trust again?

Jack Perfume, a retailer at West 30th Street and Broadway, is staring down the barrel of a civil lawsuit after a DNAinfo reporter found the store selling bottles of bootleg Bieber perfume for $45 a pop.

The NYPD, given to idle exercises of authority, it seems, ran a sting operation for five months before cracking down on the perfume shop. They arrested two of its staff and confiscated several dozen phony perfume bottles during a raid in early February, having staked out the place since early September.

This story exists on multiple planes of shady. The store’s proprietor, Nizam Chowdhury, lives in Bangladesh, was unavailable for comment in the original reportage, and seemed to be willing to let store employees take the fall. The store continued to sell the perfume for a full five months after the initial bust. And worst of all, they were hawking knockoff manufactured smells from Justin Bieber, the world’s most famous castrato in Bathing Apes.

No word yet on whether Bieber himself plans to intervene in the lawsuit, but here at Runnin’ Scared, we hope he’ll Be Alright.

(h/t: DNAinfo)