Dear R Train Riders: There’s a Ferry Coming to the Rescue


From now until the fall of 2014, MTA is severing the R train connection between Brooklyn and Manhattan for post-Sandy repairs. Despair not! There’s a ferry service planned to reconnect commuters between the two boroughs, starting at 58th Street Pier by the Brooklyn Army Terminal and docking at Wall Street and 34th Street. And the ferry service may end up being faster than the subway trip.

According to the Post, the trip between Brooklyn and Manhattan will cost $2 and will only take 15 minutes. The service is scheduled to begin next week, though Rockaway residents have been using the ferry since November.

But fair warning: The city has only secured the ferry route for a single month. If not enough people use the service, it will be discontinued, and R train commuters will have more than a year of finding creative solutions to getting across the East River. Swimming and drunk boating are not recommended.

A simple solution to a serious problem. Too bad MTA hasn’t thought up something as humane to get around planned fare increases through 2023, when fares might top $168 for a monthly pass.

(h/t: New York Post)