Protesters Will Dump Vodka In Front of the Russian Consulate in Protest of the New “Homosexual Propaganda” Law


The Russian Consulate is about to stink like rubbing alcohol. Today at noon, protesters will gather in front the Russian Consulate in New York and dump Russian-made vodka into gutters in protest of Moscow’s June 11 passage of a law banning “homosexual propaganda.” The law effectively outlaws outward any expression of homosexuality, coming just short of criminalizing gay sexuality in general. So, college freshmen and people without taste buds, take to your parents’ liquor cabinets and frat house basements, grab the nearest bottle of Russian Standard, and head to 9 East 91st Street. They need you.

Organized by Queer Nation and Rusa LGBT, the protesters will pour out their vodka and picket the consulate.

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The protesters will demand that the law be repealed ahead of the 2014 Sochi Olympics, and if the Russian government doesn’t heed them, that corporate sponsors pull funding from the event.

There have even been growing calls to move the Olympics to Vancouver, which already has some infrastructure in place from hosting in 2010, a suggestion backed by Queer Nation and Rusa LGBT.

If coverage of the new Russian law hasn’t given you an aneurysm yet, consider this: Russian politicians insist that despite the International Olympic Committee’s promises, the law will stay in effect for the duration of the games. I’m having to fight through my angina to write these words.

If you plan to go, leave the Stolichnaya at home; it’s made in Latvia, dummies.

Runnin’ Scared will be at the protest. Check back here for updates.