The Ass That Won’t Quit: Anthony Weiner’s Bizarre Campaign Video [VIDEO]


It’s been eight days since the Anthony Weiner sexting saga began anew. Not that I much mind being bombarded by cell phone photos of hard dicks. In my house, at the office, on my phone, on TV. Whatever. After all, I get by in a city of assholes just fine.

So when Anthony Weiner’s new campaign video went live, in which he promises not to quit, because “‘quit’ isn’t the way we roll in New York City,” it’s not revulsion or contempt for the man that bubbles up. It’s sadness. Anthony Weiner’s campaign has by all accounts cratered, and yet here he is, clinging to the belief that there is anyone left in New York who has seen his johnson and still plans to vote for him.

The first words out of Weiner’s mouth sound the alarm. “Sometimes people say to me, ‘Oof, this campaign is pretty rough. You may want to quit.'” It would be a pretty banal statement were it not for the near-pathological denial. Huma Abedin appears nowhere in the 60-second spot–she was wise to make herself scarce for this one.

The rest of the video follows the course set by the first sentence: Casual minimization of a huge breach of the public’s trust, followed by platitudes about what campaigns ought to really be about.