City Grit Launches Kickstarter Campaign for New Location


When we sat down with City Grit’s Sarah Simmons, she divulged she had plans to move City Grit to a new space. “It’s gonna be so awesome and everything we’ve ever wanted,” she told us. “Right now, we’re giving a platform to chefs for getting in front of folks, but we’re gonna take that to a whole other level. We’re elevating the artisan food-maker, wine, and cocktails.”

Now, she’s getting ready to move forward–and she has her eye on a spot.

The move will allow her to expand her culinary salon into a more equipped kitchen, further expanding what she’s already built into a unique way to experience the work of rising-star (and shooting-star) out-of-town chefs. She’ll continue to host a program of visitors, and she’ll ramp up her solo meals, too.

The only problem? She needs funding to put down the $150,000 deposit, so she’s launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the dough. And perks are good for those who might think about contributing–$100 gets you a Southern Snack gift pack; $2,000 nets you a private cooking class for six. And if you’ve got $10K lying around to throw at this project, Simmons will host a private party for you and 20 guests.

And as for where the location is, exactly, the team won’t say. But a spokesperson divulges that it “will still be downtown.”