NYPD’s Last Best Hope Against the Community Safety Act: Commemorative Pens


Stop the presses! Seriously, stop them. We’ve reached the end. With Monday’s announcement that the NYPD Union will be distributing embossed pens condemning the Community Safety Act, there’s no need for public accountability or scrutiny by the press. Who knew the police had been the persecuted ones all along? To atone, all New York newspapers should close their doors.

Mayor Bloomberg vetoed the Community Safety Act earlier this month in the hopes of saving his darling stop-and-frisk program, but the NYPD Union is flailing its battle axe. It seems they’re aware that the City Council has more than enough votes to override the veto–which it has promised to do very soon–and so they’ve brought out the biggest gun they have: A pen, with the slogan “Community Safety Act — Presuming cops guilty since 2013” along the side. I think they’re blue.

Before the Voice packs up and goes home for good, let us remember 2008, when NYPD’s highest-ranking black officer was ordered out of his car by two patrolmen for no good reason.

The end.

(h/t: New York Daily News)