Area Man Appears to Have Lost a Terrifically Embarrassing Wager


We don’t have much context for you on this one, although we’d really like some. As with so many weird, inexplicable, faintly disturbing things, the photo to the right comes courtesy of Reddit. A Redditor named “carlaas” posted it very late Saturday night/early Sunday morning, although it was clearly taken around midday somewhere in Manhattan. It shows a man sporting what appears to be the worst housedress in the universe, a babushka tied under his chin, and some really shoddy fake breasts. His sign, according to carlaas, reads: “I lost the bet.”

It’s hard to imagine what sort of bet involves the loser trotting down to a busy street in full, terrible old-lady drag. Somehow we have a feeling it involves men who used to be frat boys. That’s usually the sort of thing they find funny. Either that or they’re British.

As several Redditors pointed out in the comments, the embarrassment here really stems from the sign; without it, nobody would know the dude was anything but a colorblind older woman enjoying a breezy morning next to a busy intersection and a gentleman who appears to be trying to nap. We’d really love to know what shoes he chose to go with this hideous ensemble, and, more pressingly, why those fake breasts appear to be trying to claw their way lumpily out of the housedress. They make much better fake ones, guys. Have done for literally centuries. Why do frat types always go for the balled-up sock in the shirt? Also, do you have any idea what’s going on here? Send us an e-mail if you do.

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