Why Ciara Selling Her New Album on Groupon Is a Good Idea (Compared to Other Groupons)


In case you spent last weekend doing something healthy and productive, you should know that after a dramatic drop in sales, Ciara sold her new CD (as well as another album of “greatest” hits) on Groupon. For the low price of 13.99 (a $5.99 discount plus free returns!), just over 150 of the packages were purchased, so the Groupon deal was a wild success. Here are five reasons why Ciara’s Groupon deal was a great idea, as explained by other Groupon deals. Groupon!

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Ciara introduced an element of diversity to Groupon. In a site typically filled with stock photos of white people getting massages and/or/while doing exotic exercises, and where the darkest items are red wines and dark chocolate platters, Ciara’s presence is revolutionary. It will undoubtedly inspire many other people of color–whether they be masseuses, trainers, musicians, or cheap stock photos–to make more appearances on the website.

Ciara created unique and memorable e-shock waves. As surprising as it is to see a Groupon deal for physical training while scrolling through the “foodie” tag, Ciara’s CD on Groupon was crazy enough of a shock that it literally made 150 people stop scrolling and start buying. She singlehandedly changed the way products can be knee-jerk purchased online.

Ciara cares more about spreading the art of music than making money. Entertainment deals on Groupon get competitive. 59% off! 77% off!! 90% off!!! Ciara’s Groupon deal matches none of these discounts. However, her vastly under-priced music collection complete with “a booklet, liner notes, and hunk of her aura” is an extremely generous deal that would excite any genuine bargain hunter.

Ciara showed her likable, humanitarian side. Lots of Groupon revolves around fixing physical, material, and mental imperfections. Ciara wants to fix the imperfections of music and your experience of it. She even says on her Groupon deal page that her new album “goes beyond my music–it’s about my life.” And it’s about your life, too–because you’ll never have that $13.99 again. (Perhaps I can interest you in a Groupon deal for 68% of your next eye appointment?)

Everybody on Groupon is usually drunk. This provided the perfect demographic for Ciara. The 150 people who purchased the CD package were probably wrapped up in a cheap-wine-soaked-Snuggie while illegally streaming Coach Carter (2005, feat. “Roll wit’ You”) or Step Up (2006, feat. “Get Up”) on their couch and nostalgically relived Ciara’s glory days. When they logged onto Groupon, they couldn’t resist such a deal. It was the perfect place for Ciara to re-launch her just-launched CD.

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