Music Reverberates Throughout Jajouka, Something Good Comes to You


The renowned Master Musicians of Jajouka play for their Northern Moroccan mountain village throughout Jajouka, Something Good Comes to You. Morocco-born co-directors Eric and Marc Hurtado (also cofounders of the group Étant Donnés) pay lead musician Bachir Attar and the Master Musicians poetic tribute by wedding the sounds of their flutes, pipes, and goatskin drums to a tale of harvest time adapted from Attar-told legends. A man tending his fields encounters a woman in white requesting the delicacy of a cow’s mouth to eat; she might be the siren Aïsha Kandisha. In counterpoint to her still, smiling body—which appears and disappears throughout the fertile land—roams crazed “Father of the Skin” Bou Jeloud, a disruptive half-man, half-goat. Both cross a rocky, verdant landscape containing Saint Sidi Ahmed Sheik’s tomb, where Attar and the Master Musicians jam. The artists prove a motif rather than a resting point, with the film circling around them, then breaking away for further visions. A man whispers, “Who are you?” into an evening campfire; a woman’s skin glows violet; and the music reverberates throughout, lifting life into myth and dreams.