Ramarley Graham case; Grand Jury Votes Not to Indict Cop, Feds to Review Case


A Bronx grand jury opted not to indict Police Officer Richard Haste for fatally shooting unarmed teenager Ramarley Graham after chasing the youth into his parents’ home in February, 2012. The Justice Department is going to review the case for possible civil rights violations.

After the grand jury’s decision came down, protesters took to the streets outside the Bronx courthouse. Graham’s parents, meanwhile, told reporters that the justice system had failed them.

Graham was 18 when he was shot by Haste, who had chased him into the apartment bathroom, seeking him as a supposed drug suspect. Haste has told investigators that he thought Graham was armed.

Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson said this: “We are surprised and shocked by the Grand Jury’s finding of no criminal liability in the death of Ramarley Graham. We are saddened for the family of the deceased young man and still believe that the court’s dismissal of the original indictment was overly cautious.”

And a spokesman for Communities United for Police Reform (CPR) said this: “The failure to indict the officer responsible for unjustifiably killing Ramarley Graham is a complete miscarriage of justice and adds insult to injury for his family.”