Reader: The Worst People in NYC Restaurants Are the Idiots on Their Phones


Earlier this week, we published a list of the 10 worst people in NYC restaurants–and then we posted another handful of runners up. But we still didn’t capture all of the obnoxious morons that are out eating and drinking at this city’s fine establishments, and one reader had an excellent suggested addition.

Says Janice Sloan Dunne:

My favorite worst customers: The idiots who insist on conducting cellphone conversations at eye-watering decibel levels, cheerfully oblivious to the stinkeyes they get from adjoining diners, the servers and their own dinner companions. If you are: The President, a world renowned surgeon awaiting a transplantable organ or an investigative reporter pinning down a hot scoop, you’re excused. Although I’d still expect greater circumspection. Otherwise, turn your damn phone OFF during dinner!

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