Regarding Weiner’s Weiner and a Lesbian Frontrunner: This Straight Man Is Mad and He Isn’t Going to Take It Anymore!!


After yesterday’s post, a reader provided us with a second photo of the same man, this time with a different, equally bizarre sign: “CHRISTINE QUINN HATES STRAIGHT MEN. VOTE WEINER!” At first we thought this was a one-off, one picketer speaking out against prudishness (something I can get behind in general, but in Weiner’s case …). But no, this photo was taken on Saturday, four days before his most recent sighting. It’s clear this man is on a mission: To make sure straight men finally get their voice heard.

He’s right, you know. A man who gets turned on by women is the only answer to the problems facing New York, like the lack of police oversight and punishing income inequality. It all just needs more intervention from men who, they assure you, don’t like other men, because that’s gay. Don’t you agree?

After all, Anthony Weiner used his straightness to pass a single bill during his tenure in Congress. One. Pointed. Sharp. A tip, plunging into a void that is gay or feminine. See?

Let us ring in a new era, the age of the Straight Man. Union Square Dude is the herald of a dawn, a teller of truth.