Weiner Has Been Stuffing Mailboxes With Fliers, Promises He’s “Not Sticking It All the Way In”


Could someone get this reporter at the New York Post a medal? Her item about Weiner’s latest non-scandal wielded penis puns with the art of a true master. The story: Anthony Weiner was stuffing mailboxes with fliers in Astoria, Queens, when it was pointed out that doing so might violate postal laws. Campaign spokeswoman Barbara Morgan’s response? “I think that if it’s not all the way in, it’s OK.” The Post’s rejoinder? “There’s no reference to how far nonstamped mail can permissibly penetrate.” Zzzzzzzziiing.

Another humdinger from Morgan: “While Anthony was careful to leave the fliers mostly outside the boxes, he will cooperate fully in any investigation of ‘mailboxgate.'” Well done, Morgan. Well done.

It’s a relief that the head of a limping campaign, who has had her fair share of bad press herself, still has a sense of humor.

(h/t: New York Post)