High School Students in Chelsea Have to Retake Final Exams Because McGraw-Hill Lost the Originals on the Highway


Bum news for some high schoolers in Chelsea. About 75 students at Chelsea’s Career and Technical Education High School are re-sitting their English Regents exam this morning after McGraw Hill, the company that scores the tests, allegedly lost their exams out of the back of a truck.

“We’re told that the test booklets were on the truck, somehow the boxes fell out,” English teacher Jan Scott told DNAinfo. “Some they recovered, but not ours. Ours they said blew out on the road. Who knows if that’s the truth.”

It’s a been a tough year for McGraw-Hill, a city contractor that was also responsible for a grading software snafu that left 3 percent of the city’s graduating seniors sans diploma. Since students are required to pass Regents exams to graduate, over 1,000 seniors walked across the stage on graduation day to receive Post-It notes with their names on them.

Stay strong and good luck, kids. (The answer is never C).

(h/t: DNAinfo)