Whitey Bulger Is Going Away For a Long Time. The Daily Caller Celebrates the Verdict With a Slideshow of White Women?


Whitey Bulger was found guilty on 31 of 32 counts yesterday. The mobster’s sprawling criminal enterprise in 1970s and ’80s landed Bulger in front of a jury for racketeering, conspiracy, and 19 murders (he was convicted of 11 of them). The verdict puts a coda on a story that saw Bulger evade capture and punishment for crimes for over 16 years. The Daily Caller decided to accompany its coverage of the trial with the front-page slideshow, “11 Whiteys Who Give Us Bulgers.” It’s a sad day for the Internet.

Bulger killed people. Many people. And he ruined the lives of many more. The 31-count guilty verdict only begins to capture the scope of the man’s crimes, which, by the way, he spent 16 years running away from. After clicking through the Caller‘s contribution to the conversation–a slideshow of 11 pretty white ladies–the only escape seemed to be to pull the ethernet cable out of the wall and move to Yosemite.

After talking myself back from that ledge and chugging a bottle of Pepto Bismol, I’m left with one question: Who are you, author “Scoops Delacroix”? I tried e-mailing the address attached to the site, which came back with a mailer daemon error message.

Some sleuthing revealed that Jeff Winkler, former Daily Caller staffer and writer of the seminal text on butt-chugging, was a likely candidate.

But that was a dead end, too. Winkler denied making the slideshow, though not before making sure I wasn’t a spambot. “You wouldn’t believe the junk people send to this e-mail address,” he wrote in an e-mail.

So I guess the real identity of Scoops Delacroix will remain a mystery. I’m not so bothered. I’d just as soon let the slideshow settle to the bottom of the web, where it belongs. But on the off-chance you know who he is, don’t hesitate to get in touch.