In what may be the musical equivalent to the nerd pride of a show like The Big Bang Theory, New York–area electro experimentalists Anamanaguchi make music not just with guitars, bass, and drums, but with old-school Nintendo stations and Game Boys. In the past, they’ve scored the soundtrack for the video game version of the graphic novel Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and their latest album, Endless Fantasy, finds them playing 22 short, video gamey numbers full of the sort of sweet, laser-like synths that usually unfold in the dreamlike worlds of Mario and Luigi. But perhaps the most curious thing about Anamanaguchi is that the inspiration for the band came when the group’s songwriter-guitarist, Peter Berkman, read an interview in Wired with Sex Pistols mastermind Malcolm McLaren in which he mentioned a group of Swedish Game Boy–music pioneers. Maybe this is the new punk rock. Fittingly, they’re performing tonight as the headliners of Webster Hall’s regular electronic-music–focused Girls & Boys party with Alex English and rekLES.

Fri., Aug. 16, 10 p.m., 2013