Famke Janssen’s House Was Invaded, and the Burglar Left a Creepy Children’s Book by Her Bed


Coming off her appearance in Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, a film our Stephanie Zacharek described as “godforsaken,” Famke Janssen has been having a tough time of it lately. Janssen called the police on Saturday because an intruder broke into her house and left the world’s creepiest children’s book next to her bed. The book, The Lonely Doll, tells the story of a doll who makes friends with two teddy bears and is “never lonely again.” Yikes.

Some especially worrying details about the break-in: No one else had keys to Janssen’s home in Greenwich Village, but cops found no sign of forced entry.

And the book was found on her nightstand, sources tell the Daily News. Nothing seems to be have been taken.

Apparently the stink of Janssen’s turns as a forgetful psychic and a vaguely European ur-witch weren’t enough to keep this weirdo away. Or maybe it was the smell that attracted him? I shudder to think.

(h/t: New York Daily News)