‘Killer’ Nanny Yoselyn Ortega Found Fit to Stand Trial


The woman who has been accused of killing two young children in her care will go to trial. Justice Gregory Carro heard psychiatric testimony for eight days before ruling that 50-year-old nanny Yoselyn Ortega was mentally fit, and that her confusion seemed only to set in “when she’s questioned in a formal setting by doctors evaluating her fitness.”

Ortega is accused of murdering six-year-old Lulu Krim and her brother, two-year-old Leo Krim, in their Upper West Side home while their parents were out. A third child, their sister, was out with her parents.

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Ortega and her defense attorney’s gambit was to make the judge think that Ortega had no memory of the event, and any of her testimony about it was the result of “parakeet[ing]” what had been said in her presence. The mental unfitness, the defense said, was from blood loss incurred when Ortega slit her own throat at the scene of the crime.

But records of her jailhouse phone calls showed Ortega to be quite the talker when her family was on the line. And the prosecution was able to hobble the defense’s case by offering competing expert testimony.

Ortega will now face down first-degree murder charges.