Q&A: Mike G Of OFWGKTA Is In Your Town


Though Frank Ocean and Tyler The Creator have garnered most of the Odd Future attention and praise from music critics, Mike G, in all his laid back glory, has managed to become a fan favorite. No small feat when you factor in the sheer size of the collective and their tendency to be unruly, often drowning one another out with their boisterous attention seeking.

Originally a DJ who chopped and screwed the first Odd Future tape with OG Ron C’s Chopped Not Slopped team, Mike G has slowly but surely been easing into the forefront of OF’s lineup despite joining after many of the other members. His ear for relaxed beats and easy demeanor help make stand out amongst his nose picking and booger flicking comrades. He’s funny too. We caught up with Mike to talk future plans, the “chill bros” of OF, and

Mike G and Katie Got Bandz perform tonight at Knitting Factory Brooklyn

What’s up Mike G? What’re you in town for?
I’m performing in Brooklyn at the Knitting Factory for the Scion Open Mic event.

You were a fan of Odd Future and one of the last members to join. Can you tell us about how you joining the collective came about?
I chopped and screwed the OF Tape Vol. 1, then I started meeting the members of the group little by little. Soon we started recording at the same studio. From there we started making music.

It’s been four years since you officially joined Odd Future. Do you still feel hungry or is the jaded cynicism starting to set in?
I’ve been granted more than the average [artist] as far as accomplishments. I’m really grateful for that. I’ve yet to gain things that I’ve actually wanted most for a while though. So though I’m happy, I still have a lot to gain.

You pick a lot of smooth beats to rap over. Are you like the calmer member of OF?
There are actually a bunch of other chill bro’s in OF.

How do you manage to stand out in such a large and unruly collective of young men?
I just stand off to the side a little and watch until everyone else’s sugar rush, or whatever you’d call it, wears off. Then, if you can’t be louder than them, your voice has to be easy to listen to.

You kind of remind me of The Pharcyde/Freestyle Fellowship. Were they huge influences on you? If not who was?
Not at all. I listened to D12, Eminem, Obie Trice, Michael Jackson… I didn’t get into Jay Z until we met. My mother would play Usher all the time. My father would play Rakim.

How much fun was it to film the “Oldie” video?
It was alright. We shot it during our Terry Richardson shoot for XXL. Terry’s crew kept telling us to stop filming. We might have been a handful for them. They gave us toys and stuff, like light sabers and Nerf guns. There’s no way we wouldn’t act a bit childish.

Frank and Tyler are off and running. Is there ever friction or jealousy amongst the other members over who is up next to bat?
I doubt that it’s about “who’s next?” It’s more so about the things a person accomplishes that would bring jealousy. That could be the case for any person around me.

What’s on deck for the future?
More shows and projects. Working on organizing events. I’m trying to get a Mike G.S.I. spin off. I should hit up Comedy Central. We’ll see how that goes.

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