The New York Times’s Website Is Down, and Everyone Is Losing Their Shit


Around noon today, the New York Times‘s website went down. It’s still down. Nobody seems to know what’s causing the outage, except for FOX Business, who claim “sources” told them it was a major cyber attack. (The big news there is that FOX is pretending to have sources. Adorable.) The Times tweeted a little while ago that they believed the outage was the result of “an internal issue,” which they’re saying will be resolved soon. According to the AP, e-mails sent to NYT addresses are also being returned as undeliverable.

Coming on the heels of the great HBO Go outage of Sunday night, the city is reeling from yet another blow to the particular masses of pixels we like to stare at. And unlike HBO being down, which at the very least spared us all from The Newsroom, the absolute worst show on television (don’t argue), the NYT outage actually matters. Luckily, we have Twitter.

Theories have quickly developed as to the culprits behind the outage:

Some of them are dumber than others:

Our own web editor, Nick Greene, engaged in some high-concept media criticism:

And everybody else is pretty much just losing their fucking minds, or else asking each other if the site is still down for them. Or, worst of all, they’re making little quips about how their print version is loading just fine, which, just so we’re clear, is a Dad joke of the most obnoxious kind, as well as the kind of hipsterish one-upsmanship that’s ruining America.

Luckily, the NYT team remained focused and much, much funnier than they’re usually allowed to be in print:

Except for some of them who also lost their shit right along with us:

Deep breaths, everyone. It’s going to be all right. Unless of course it’s not.

Update, 2:10 p.m.: It’s back up. Exhale.