The Upper East Side Is a Sushi Destination in Today’s Village Voice


Let’s say you’re craving a bit of raw fish in this city. Where do you head? One good neighborhood, writes Zachary Feldman, is the Upper East Side, where there exists a veritable ocean of superlative sushi joints within a few-block radius.

Says Feldman:

With wild bluefin as controversial and rarefied as blood diamonds, good sushi is doomed to be a pursuit of the affluent, and the occasional treat for everyone else. And so it makes sense that the Upper East Side, a zip code with incomes larger than Kanye West’s ego, would play host to the greatest concentration of well-above-average sushi restaurants. In a 20-block radius, there are six sushi destinations, three of which would comfortably place among the top 10 in the city.

Read Zachary Feldman’s account of those fresh fish havens in today’s Village Voice.